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Recommend 8 yrs old & up


This party is for artists who want to explore the world of paint & canvas! 

Guests will keep busy by painting one-of-a-kind canvas creations using acrylic paints.

Artists will chalk in designs & be guided by an instructor to complete a beautiful work of art. 

The birthday child can request a particular painting or subject, or we are happy to help with suggestions.

*Canvas Celebration Parties are an additional $40 art fee. Acrylic paint is not washable.


Due to the studio's limited space & one room space, we ask that parents of guest artists who attend a "Creative pARTy" drop off for the most successful atmosphere. 

Don't worry; the guest's parents will be asked to sign in & leave emergency contact/allergy info. *If a guest's parent needs to stay for health or safety concerns, we can accommodate them. Parents can return for cake time if requested. Parents can stay in DIY studio. This is to limit distractions during art lesson.



*One-hour artist-led acrylic painting instruction from start to finish.

*Paints, chalks, brushes, canvas & easel set up for up to 12 guests.

(+4 additional guests may be added for an additional charge -16 max)

*On half-hour time for cake/refreshments

(A&S artist will assist in serving if you would like)

*Option to add an extra half hour to serve a meal ( like pizza etc.)

If you only intend to serve cake/cupcakes, extra time is unnecessary. 



$240.00  Up to 12 Children Package (Includes birthday child) (1.5 hours)

$40 Canvas/acrylic Fee



$15.00   Each additional child (16 Max)

$25.00   Add an extra 1/2 hour if you want to extend mealtime and bring more than just cake. (ie pizza or any other "meal-like" item) We usually extend the art & food time each by 15 mins. 

​$TBD: Custom art-themed favor packages are available. Email us if you are interested. 


1. Fill out the pARTy request form below to begin the pARTy process to book.


2. You will receive a response to confirm your request within 48 hours.

3. Once confirmed, you need to mail, drop by with a check or cc or pay via PayPal with a deposit to officially lock in the day & time. Parties are limited due to the time put into each celebration. They are booked on a first-come basis.

4. Once a deposit is made, your pARTy is officially booked!



5. We will reach out at the start of your party week (Sun/Mon). We will finalize your project ideas by Wednesday.

6. We will ask for your RSVP number by Friday of your party week.




Can I come to see the space?

Yes, come check it out anytime we are open. We are open T & W 3-7pm, Th-Sat 11-7pm & Sunday 11-4 pm. If artists are on the studio side, we can let you peek in but can't disturb their studio time. 

Can I reschedule once booked?  

Yes, plans change, and stuff happens. If you need to swap a date or time, we will work out a new day/time based on our ability. Your deposit can be moved to the new date/time. 


If I cancel once booked, can my deposit be refunded?

No, deposits are non-refundable


What do I need to bring to the party?

Your food & drink of choice & paper products needed to serve it. We are happy to assist you with serving. 

Do I need tablecloths?

We have a basic (usually black & white artsy patterned) tablecloth on the cake table at all times. Feel free to bring your own tablecloth to cover ours. Our food tables do not need covering; they are plain white. However, if you want to add a tablecloth, you will need 2 rectangle ones. 

Can I bring decorations?

You are welcome to bring any decorations you would like. Please keep in mind, due to time limitations between parties, only bring items you can quickly pop up in the 15-minute arrival time frame. The studio is super cute & colorful, and decorations are unnecessary if you'd like to take that off your to-do list. *Our ceilings are high, and we cannot reach to hang things. 

The studio provides a birthday banner to display above the cake table. You are free to bring your own too:) 

Balloons allowed? Yes! Pinatas? No

Can I come set up early?

Unfortunately, we book events with enough time to have a party exit and allow the artist instructors time to clean and reset to be ready for your party. If you arrive early, your artist instructor will not be ready for you. If you arrive at the designated time, your artist instructor will be ready to help you set up:) We know it's an exciting day, but please do not enter early; we love to be fully prepared for your arrival:) 

Do you have a refrigerator?

We have an under-bar size fridge. You are welcome to use the fridge if needed. 

Can We bring Party Favors?

Yes, you are welcome to bring them! We offer custom art-themed favor packages.

Email if you would like us to handle your favors as a party add-on. (prices vary) 

Need help with your theme?

Check out the ideas list below the request form.



We will respond within 2 business days to confirm availability.
Please wait for confirmation before submitting the deposit.

Please note: We are closed Mondays.

$50 Non-Refundable Deposit

Thanks for submitting!


Any animal, any insect, landscape, seascape, under the sea, mermaid, a season, rainbows, rain, snowy day, cityscape, fantasy land, movie them, sports-related, book-related, cartoon related. Check out the photos we've posted on social media of parties & painting over the years:) Lots of inspiration!

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