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We are beyond excited for this summer season of creativity! As always, we are ready for creativity, fun, learning & friendship!




Urbana Art & Soul Studio , 8995 Urbana Church Rd Unit C, Frederick, MD 21704, USA

Register EACH artist seperatly

If registering more than one child, please register EACH child sepertly to be able to order each a t-shirt size & to apply discounts correctly to your shopping cart. 


  • You may pay in FULL or make a 50% deposit (of your total) before MAY 20th.  A 50% Deposit or full payment is due upon registration.

  • After May 20th all registrations are due in FULL

  • If paying in FULL : Use any option: Online credit card, cash, check, in-studio credit card, Venmo or PayPal. Please always note artist(s) name in memo.  If paying in person, ask register attendant to add your child's name(s) to memo. 


  • If paying a 50% deposit: Please select "off line payment" option at check out. Make a 50% depsoit via PayPal, Venmo, Cash, Check, or CC in the DIY studio. Please note artist(s) name in memo.  If paying in person, ask register attendant to add your child's name(s) to memo.  The remaining 50%  is due on or before May 20th. 

Venmo: @artsoul_studio



*** Not required, but if comfortable, when paying Venmo or Paypal please select "friends & family" to help our small local business avoid all the extra fees they charge to use the service. We greatly appreciate it. 


Multiple weeks soupon codes:

2WEEKS, 3WEEKS, 4WEEKS, 5WEEKS, 6WEEKS  (put in code for your amount of weeks to display your discount)

FAMILY: Applies to 2nd and each additional artist. (1st child full price: may use multiple week discount on 1st child if applicapble.)

Check Out the Summer Art Page for all the detials. 

Art Groups

  • Birds of a Feather June 17-21

    HALF DAY 9am-12pm M-F Rising 2024 K-3rdth Grade Birds of a feather...stick together! Join other art loving kiddos in this colorful AM mini creative fun series all about birds. We will read stories, play games and make art all related to these majestic little feathered critters. From large birds & small birds to ones that fly and ones that don't... we will stay busy with all our feathered friends. Week includes art, stories and themed related games and sensory activities. No lunchtime.

  • Birds of a Feather June 17-21

    9-3pm Full Day Rising 2nd-7th Graders *Same theme as the little guys above, but more advanced techniques, longer working time & different projects in am, followed by open art studio time after lunch. Birds of a feather, stick together! Join other art loving kiddos in this colorful week all about birds! We will read stories, play games and make art all related to these majestic little feathered critters. From large birds & small birds to ones that fly and ones that don't... we will stay busy

  • Barnyard Color Bash June 24-28

    9:00 am- 12:00 pm M-F Rising K-3rd Grade: This week kiddos will step into the studio & down on the farm! Join us for this AM mini creative fun series week where we will creatively explore all the things you'd find on the farm. Cute textured animals, shape barn creations & colorful crops top our list along with amazing stories & sensory exploration art activities.

  • Passion for Fashion June 24-28

    9:00 am-3:00 pm M-F Rising 3rd-7th Grade This week artists will put their fashion design skills to the test with all sorts of wearable art and fun designs. We will work in both 2d and 3d. We'll generate ideas, designs & final products on things like perfume bottle design, jewelry making & custom hats. Please note, there is an extra supply fee built in for this week for specialty materials/supplies needed. $365 (+$20 supply Fee)

  • Summertime Sweets July 1&2

    10am-1pm M&T Only Rising K-5th grade We will be indulging in all the summertime treats in an artful & creative way!. Join us in making all things sweet tin this special 2-day workshop. From ice-cream sundaes and drippy cones to melty pops and frosted cakes this week is promised to be sweet! A daily treat will be included. (We will work with you to make it safe for any food allergies) Please note special 1/2 day time 10-1. Artists pack a lunch for this week.

    Sold Out
  • Capture It July 8-12

    10:00 am-3:00 pm M-F Rising 6th-12th grade This week is just for the tweens/teens. We will be exploring ways you can "capture" an image, an interesting composition or a creative marking. Join us in making art from photos, imagination & creative subject matter making. We also explore using nature and outdoor elements to capture pigment & images. Artists will have media choices and be able to use our lessons as a guide/inspiration to create artworks based on their own unique style & interests.

  • All the "Scapes" July 15-19

    9:00 am- 3pm pm M-F Rising 3rd-7th Grade A week of all the "scapes"! Dive into a serine Seascape, travel all sorts of Landscapes and get lost in a busy colorful Cityscape this week! We will explore the amazing world and all it's places through art. We will learn about different artists and how they depict "scapes" in their own style. Art has the ability to take you anywhere and this week we plan to go lots of amazing places.

  • Bright Bugs... July 22-26

    HALF DAY 9:00 am-12pm M-F Rising 2024 K-3rd Grade A colorful week of everyone's favorite little critters.....and maybe some that give you the creepy crawlies! We will create fun art in all styles & media. From drawing & collaging to painting & sculpting, we'll keep your little critters busy all week creating! Week includes theme related stories, games and sensory activities

  • Flower Power July 22-26

    9:00 am-3:00 pm M-F Rising 2nd-7th Grade Join us for a week focused on the color, shape & beauty of florals. We will use a variety of media (drawing, painting, collaging, sculpting) to capture flowers in realistic and abstracted artworks. We will explore different ways to see flowers of all types. We will create artworks using them as the subject mater, focal point or as the media themselves.

  • Walk on the W.S. July 29-Aug2

    A walk on the Wild Side 9:00 am-3:00 pm M-F Rising 2nd-7th Grade: Take a creative walk on the wild side of art with us! This week will will venture artistically through the jungle, rainforest & the deep woods. Stripes, spots, scales & tails will fill our papers this week. Whether the creatures are from real-life wilderness or from our wildest's promised to be a great week!

  • The Great Art-Doors Aug 5-9

    9:00 am-3:00 pm M-F Rising 1-5th Grade We are wrapping up the summer season with one of our favorite subject matters.....NATURE! We will create art that attempts to capture nature and all it's beauty. We will look at all things small and large in nature for inspiration to create. We will explore a variety of living things from animals and plants to beautiful settings and elements of nature like water & fire.




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