Weekly afterschool lessons are taught in 4 session. Session length depends on the season/holidays. All weekly lessons conclude with a portfolio review of the session, where each artist selects one work of art to be featured in the end of year art show. There are 4 sessions in a school year: Fall, Winter, Spring & Mini Summer. You may sign up for one or all sessions. Your artist will pick one work of art from EACH SESSION he or she attends to be featured in the art show. Art Explorers will not be featured in the art show, but are invited and encouraged to attend.


*Yearly memberships ARE REQUIRED for all artists taking school year art. This fee will be used towards the art show and various studio services/supplies. We will also have pricing perks/discounts throughout the year on classes, workshop, camps and parties.

Elementary Age


Lil’ Artists (Kindergarten & 1st Grade)


A one hour weekly workshop that focuses on the exploration of color, line, texture and shape. Students will explore the basic elements of art through art production, experimentation, cooperative groups, and stories.  Taught in aseasonal session of workshops. (Drawing, painting, sculpture & printing/collage)

Elementary Art (2nd-5th Grade)


A one hour weekly workshop intended to continue the exploration of the elements of art. Artists will move a step further by learning to identify these elements in works of art and apply these elements to their own art. Student will use a variety of materials and techniques such as drawing, painting, clay, sculpting and printing. Taught in a seasonal session of workshops.



Middle & High School Age


Secondary Art (6th-12th Grade)


A one hour weekly workshop for students sixth grade & up that expands even further on the exploration, identification, and inclusion and of art elements. Students will continue to learn new techniques and continue improving on artistic skills. Students will use media/techniques including drawing, painting, sculpt/clay, & printmaking . Students will constructively critique their artwork as well as fellow students’ artwork. Students may request to work on a specific artistic interest. Taught in a seasonal session of workshops.



Home School Art Program

Enhance your home school experience with instruction at Art & Soul Studio. 


Lil Artist/Early Elementary Art Group (K-2nd Grade)


A one hour weekly workshop geared toward children in Kindergarten-2rd grade that focuses on the exploration of color, line, texture and shape. Students will explore the basic elements of art through art production, art history, experimentation, cooperative groups, and stories. (Drawing, painting, sculpture & printing/collage). Children will have research time, studio production time as well as fine motor skill development center time. Taught in a seasonal session.


Elementry Art/Secondary Art Group  (3rd-7th Grade)


A one hour study of art production, art history and techniques. We will continue to explore the basic art elements and impliment/identify them in works of art. The group will have research time, as well as art production and experimentation time with basic and new techniques. Artists will have oportunities to develop their own art style and choices of media. Taught in a seasonal session.


Secondary Art Group (6th-12th Grade)


A one hour weekly art group that studies art history, new advanced techniques, and continuing to develop and explore art production. Artist will begin to develope their own style. The group will have reserch time, practice, and production time. Choices in media, subjects and stlye are encouraged.  Taught in a seasonal session.



Private Art


For the most individualized lesson with the most guided attention, schedule a private lesson. Please call or e-mail to arrange a day/time and length of lesson. Pricing based on material list, length of lesson & session. Limited availablitly due to scheudling.

School's Out Art                

Kindergarten & up


When school is off.......... Art is in! Have your child enjoy his/her day off by keeping busy and creative here at Art & Soul Studio. Choose from a full or half day program. Each day will be themed and will provide children with a wide variety of art projects and media. Reserve your seat today.


See Special Events for themes and registration!



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