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Hilltop Blooms @ Creative spaces

We are so excited to partner & be the storefront of local flower farmer & connoisseur, Lauren, owner of Hilltop Blooms. We have fresh, organic, beautiful blooms delivered throughout the week from Lauren to provide our community with seasonal bouquets, pre-arranged vases, and floral subscriptions. Contact Lauren to make an order, pick up in the Boutique.

We will be scheduling floral workshops & pop-ups this summer, so stay on the lookout! 



Support two local women-owned businesses.


Winged friends enjoy local flowers & go on to pollinate nearby food crops, keeping our ecosystem healthy and our tables full.


Compared to the imports, locally grown flowers boast a huge array of diversity; countless varieties to choose from in a rainbow of colors. And these blooms feel so natural! They’re fragrant and delicate and dynamic to look at!


Hilltop Blooms


Hi, I'm Lauren Rohwer, owner of Hilltop Blooms at Sun-Eats Farm! 

I've lived in Maryland my whole life and my husband and I are proud to be raising our four kids here in Frederick County!

I am thrilled to bring you the experience of locally grown blooms from my fields to your vase!

  • I am not just a farmer, but a FLOWER CONNOISSEUR, savoring my beloved blooms with their vast subtleties of colors, fragrance and texture

  • I am a LIFE-LONG LEARNER, seeking new challenges and possibilities in my flower farming

  • I am an educator, determined to share my passion by enlightening those around me about the benefits and joys of seasonal, local flowers

I can't wait to surprise you with blooms you just can't get from the grocery store - specialty Daffodil and Rembrandt-worthy Tulips, unique Snapdragons and Larkspur, stunning Zinnias and Delphiniums, startling Dahlias and heirloom Mums just to name a few. Each week my flowers will change depending on what's in bloom - which is exciting!!

My dearest hope is that my flowers will inspire you to look even more closely at the beauty that's all around us!

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