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Surviving the Season

“It’s the little things that make life BIG.” -anonymous

People always ask, “how do you manage to keep it all together & have the time to add creative touches to your life?” The truth is…I DON’T! If you know me well, you know I’m the first to admit I’m not even close to being “together”. I dry shampoo more days than not, my laundry is never caught up & some evenings my family votes to eat frozen waffles, french fries & carrot sticks w/ranch for dinner. What‘s “together” anyway?! Something always has to give, we just choose what that “something“ is.

As far as “having time” to be creative, I CHOOSE to make time to put creative touches on all aspects of my life. I choose to be creative because it makes me happy & I find it puts smiles on the faces of the people I love. It’s a double win!

Being creative doesn’t need to be time consuming. It doesn’t need to cost a fortune or require you to hold a Master of Fine Arts, MFA. In my opinion, it’s the littlest touches that make the biggest differences and mean the most.

The holiday season is upon us and it rolls out the red carpet for the PINTEREST queens! This is their time to shine and BE HAPPY. Let them! Being a Pinterest holiday junkie is bringing them joy with every little glue-gun burn & scissor blister. But, YOU don’t have to go overboard yourself trying to keep up. You do you. Do what makes YOU happy. I find it most important to keep balanced. I know...balance…ha!…well, at least try! Don’t craft till your fingers fall off or stay up until the wee hours of the morning because that just takes the joy out of creativity. That level of cray makes being creative a chore. Take on only the ideas & projects that will make you or someone you love smile.

We will be sharing easy ways to add small creative touches this holiday season on Art & Soul | Creative Spaces IG and FB for the next month. Follow along and begin (or continue) your creative journey for creativity for your home, your food, yourself, your gifts & your children.

Remember to start small when adding creativity to your life. Commit to something creative once a week or once a month, whatever sounds doable. So go ahead and set those laundry baskets full of clean clothes in those bedrooms not folded one day/week (we all know darn well those kids will unfold them all anyway while tearing through drawers) and do something creative instead. I PROMISE those clothes will be right there waiting for you later. Doing something creative for the holidays will bring joy to you or someone else this holiday season. I don’t think those dishes or clothes will be smiling back at you anytime soon!

Commit today by setting your goal or intention for creativity during the holiday season. I can’t wait to share with you my favorite easy holiday tablescapes, a special letter of gratitude, tiny creative touches for the season, teacher gift ideas & fun family creative ideas/activities. I can’t wait to see what you may be inspired to create! I also can’t wait to hear if adding a little bit of creativity to your life will bring you & your family extra joy & smiles this holiday season.




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