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Q: What are weekly art groups?

A: Weekly Art Groups (Afterschool, Homeschool & Parent & Me) are taught in sessions (Fall, Winter & Spring) throughout the school year.  Groups meet for 1-hour once a week.

Q: How long are the sessions?

A: Session length depends on the season/holidays. Usually 8-12 weeks.

Q: Can we come different days?

A:  You can sign up & participate in more than one group. You can't swap days of attendance weekly depending on your schedule for make-up days. 

Q: How do we see what our kids are making?

A: We keep all the work crated during the session at the studio. All group sessions conclude with a portfolio review of the session, where each artist selects one work of art to be featured at the end of the year art show. (In June: TBD) Your artist will pick one work of art from EACH SESSION he or she attends. The rest of the art is then sent home. We hold the chosen work until the end of the school year for the show. Once the show is over, we return the show piece(s)  as well. 

Q: My child is really talented. Can we bump up to the older group? 

A: All of our groups are divided strictly by grade level. It's based on grade level to surround them with peers, build confidence and for engaging & appropriate conversation. We will challenge your artist based on their talent level. 

Q: Do you offer make-ups?

A: Unfortunately we do not offer make ups. Why? Because we work on different projects for different groups based on interests and we only allow so many in each group. We do our best to catch up your artist in what was missed.  


Q: What about Weather cancelations?

A: We will announce a weather cancelation at least one hour before the am or evening art groups begin. We make separate decisions for am & pm groups. We DO NOT always follow public school closings. We will post studio closing on social media and will send a text out to members (sign up for alerts!).  No news means we are open. Each group will have one weather closing allotted and if there are any additional closing on your particular group meeting we will devise a make up or refund plan for that specific group.  

Q: Can I join if the session has already started?

A: Yes, if there is an open seat, we can get you in the group. We will prorate the cost to reflect the number of groups you are able to attend. (Must be able to attend at least the last 3 weeks. If less than 3 groups remain, you can commit to taking the next session) Register for your art group and select "off line payment". We will invoice you for the correct prorated amount. 


A one-hour weekly "Parent & Me" art group. This group has a monthly theme with new weekly creative projects, painting centers, stories & activities.  Artists & their adults will explore creative centers around the studio at their own pace that identify/explore colors, lines, textures, and shapes. Artists will participate in opening circle-time with a related story & activity.  This group is no longer a drop-in & requires registration. Art Explorers will also now be featured in our end-of-year art show. (Saturday AM monthly workshop option as well)


A one-hour weekly "drop off" Pre-K level workshop. This group is all about exploring the arts & working independently on developing/refining fine motor art skills. Children will explore colors, lines, textures, and shapes. Artists will participate in many exploratory art activities/projects, learn art-related songs and participate in artistic creativity-building games. May include art storytime and art center discovery time.   This group requires registration.


A one-hour weekly group workshop that focuses on the exploration of color, line, texture, and shape. Artists will explore the basic elements of art through art production, experimentation, cooperative groups, & stories. Artists will explore different styles of art, experiment & be introduced to a variety of media & techniques.  (Drawing, painting, sculpture & printing/college )


A one-hour weekly workshop intended to continue the exploration of the elements of art. Artists will move a step further by learning to identify these elements in works of art & apply these elements to their own art. Artist will use a variety of materials & techniques such as drawing, painting, clay, sculpting, and printing. Artists will begin to make creative choices & risks in their art.


A one-hour weekly workshop for students sixth grade & up that expands even further on the exploration, identification, and inclusion of art elements & principles of design. Students will continue to learn new techniques & continue improving artistic skills. Students will use media/techniques including drawing, painting, sculpt/clay, & printmaking. Artists will constructively critique their artwork as well as fellow artists' artwork. Artists may request to work on a specific artistic interest. We will continue experimenting taking creative risks.


Homeschool art groups are exactly like the afterschool groups, just offered during the daytime hour to fit your  schedule. Description for the groups are the same as above. We can also accommodate private pods or homeschool groups for on-time, weekly or monthly visits.


New this year we will be offering media or technique specific focused groups. (Drawing, painting, clay etc.) These groups will focus on one specific media for a series of workshops. Depending on the length of the workshop they will be included in the end of the year art show. Pricing may include an additional fee for cost of materials.

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